Upgrading Bathroom Apartment with Savvy Decorating Ideas

If you are considering to decorate your bathroom, especially for apartment, you should pay attention on the size of your bathroom or what kind of atmosphere that you want to build. Some people prefer decorating their bathrooms by diy-ing. Because it is more savvy and it can also make yourself more creative. Find some ideas below to decorate your apartment bathroom in savvy way.

This is probably the most commonly decorating idea that used by many people. because floating shelves can maximize your bathroom size by putting your bathroom stuffs there neatly. Beside that, floating shelves is also easy to make. There are three floating shelves in this bathroom, vintage bathtub, victorian style faucet, white framed mirror, nice vanity and undermount sink.

If you want to test your creativeness by decorating your bathroom, perhaps this is ideal for you. It is easier to do than making floating shelves. You can frame what painting you like and display it on the wall of your bathroom. The painting of this bathroom that is also suitable with the wallpaper, build up more attractive atmosphere. There are also white toilet, cute hanging lamp, drop in sink and frameless mirror.

If you want to decorate your bathroom apartment more simple, you can just install nice curtain for your bathtub. In this homey bathroom, there are also white toilet, white bathtub, framed mirror, painting, undermount sink and dark brown vanity.

Don’t leave this page because we still have great ideas below to decorate your bathroom apartment.