The Simplicity of Hidden Bed For Saving More Space Inside The Bedroom

Hidden bed’s the new and improved Murphy Bed. It can be great for saving space inside your bedroom. Apart from being the most functional and practical transformable furniture, the simplicity of hidden bed makes it more affordable than older wall beds, futons, etc. You can compare its price to the added price of a bed, a desk and/or a cabinet and you’ll find hidden bed a very effective and affordable solution for your room. The hidden bed is so smooth and slow, so it will be safe and comfortable for you. By installing a hidden bed, you can also put computer desk on it. But, you should make sure you put it on the right side. These are some of hidden bed pictures that can be your reference.

This is really suitable for college student who live in dormitory area. It can be shared to other friends too. There are also a zebra mattress, a small bed with pillows, shelves and simple closet.

You can also put hidden bed on the kids bedroom. if you have two kids, you can put them in one room, so they can share the room. There are also standard twin beds, pillows, double desk, computer desk with chair, and shelves.

If you don’t have much space on the floor to put the bed on, you can try to make it into floating bed like the picture above. There are also a white closet, shelves, desk, chair and mattress.

Try to look more awesome pictures in our gallery below!