Stunning Platform Bed with Solid Bed Frame for Your Comfortable Sleeping Time

A platform bed, also known as a cabin bed, is a bed of which base consists of a raised, level, usually rectangular in horizontal solid frame, often with a section consisting of rows of flexible wooden slats or latticed structure meant to support just a mattress. This platform provides more flexible support and ventilation for a mattress, the availability for a box-spring or a second mattress as a foundation. You can find this kind of bed in every store and pick what the model you prefer. This kind of bed will give you more relaxing time because it has comfortable and safe material. These pictures below will give you more inspirations to find the right platform bed.

This bedroom has modern concept with the domination of red color, the red color gives stunning look. There are also two hanging lamps, single shelf beside the bed, drawers, walk-in platform bed, mattress, and white bench.

This bedroom isn’t different with the previous picture, this bedroom has contemporary concept. It can be seen by most of fixtures in the bedroom that have clean lines. There are also hanging lamps, pillows, comfy platform bed, double side drawers and bed frame.

It can be your choice if you don’t have enough space inside your bedroom. There are ladders to go to the bed, the storages beneath the bed, mounted lamps and a comfy mattress.

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