Stunning Bedroom Vanities from Ikea Create Nice Storage Solutions for Your Bedroom

Bedroom is a space where we can keep our private things safe. we can decorate our bedroom with our own decoration or you can create it to follow what your characteristic. Actually, everything in our bedroom can describe our personality too. Especially, how we decorate it and organize the fixture inside. There are some fixtures inside bedroom that should be paid attention at, like vanity area or we can call it bedroom drawer which takes important role to keep your stuff neat. There are some brands that have loads of bedroom drawers, but if you want to take a look at them you can go to IKEA website ( this website has a lot of bedroom drawer type from the minimalist into the classic one. You can also see product information in each product. We give you some of bedroom drawer pictures from IKEA below.

This red bedroom drawer or vanity gives a lot of cheerfulness inside your bedroom. It has to be secured to the wall with the safety device. Top panel made of particleboard, foil and ABS plastic, while drawer bottom made of fibreboard.

This bedroom is so suitable for teen girl, because there are a lot of colors that can fit with the teenager life. This bedroom is dominated with white color. the bedroom drawer has 8-drawer chest, it can be useful to keep many things. There are also standing lamp, long mirror, white curtain, and comfy bed with lovely bed cover.

This bedroom drawer is from Fjell. It made of solid wood, which is durable and will give natural atmosphere inside your bedroom. Most of the parts of this bedroom drawer made of solid pine, but drawer bottom made of fiberboard.

There are still many good vanities/bedroom drawers from IKEA in our gallery below.