Smart Laundry Room and Bathroom Combo Ideas for Small Bathroom Spaces

Combining two rooms in one place is probably a bit challenging. Because you have to be smart enough to put the furniture in the right space, and it doesn’t make the room too crowded, especially for small bathroom. Adding a laundry room inside your bathroom can make more organized household. Beside that, you can also save more space in your house. You should pick the right placement for your laundry area, because it will maximize the available space. Don’t get yourself dilemma by designing laundry bathroom combo, these pictures below will inspire you.

If you want to add laundry area in your small bathroom, you can try these tips. You can put your washing machine inside the cabinet like the picture above. Because it is easier to do and it saves more space. Your bathroom looks more spacious by placing washing machine inside the cabinet. There are also towel bar, overmount sink, double washing machines, frameless mirror and simple vanity.

Perhaps, you want to try another idea, this bathroom put the washing machine on the corner. The owner gives particular area for placing the washing machine. This bathroom has yellow paint and dots pattern on the floor. There are also white vanity, big frameless mirror, undermount sink, white toilet and colorful bathroom rug.

This is ideal for those who don’t have a plenty of corner space or their cabinets aren’t appropriate to put the washing machine. As simple as it looks, washing machine is placed beneath vanity top, and it looks suitable. There are white overmount sink on top of the vanity and frameless mirror. There are also corner shower enclosure, rain shower head, bathroom rug and simple white toilet.

There are still many inspiring pictures about combining laundry area and bathroom. Keep scrolling down and don’t forget to give comment!