Saving Space Solution with Adorable Trundle Bed for Every Concept of Bedroom

A trundle bed is a type of bed that is built on casters so that it can be slid underneath another bed or piece of furniture. It is usually in one package with the bottom bed. This kind of bed is really suitable to put in the guest room because it can save more space for many people in one room. Trundle beds are also the most perfect solutions for those who want to add extra bed in their limited bedroom space. Trundle bed is designed with different model like other regular beds, that’s why it comes in lower height and double beds. One of the advantages of installing this kind of bed is lower height and rollers can make some stuff to be stored neatly beneath the upper bed frame. These pictures below represent about what actually trundle bed is.

This bedroom concept is really suitable for teen girl, because it has nice colouring and it represents the cheerfulness. There are nice trundle bed with double beds, wooden floor, drawers, white closet, and white bedroom rug.

If you want to feel the nature inside your bedroom, it is ideal for you because most of the materials of the fixtures are made of wood. There are wooden bed frame with double beds, comfy chair, table, side lamp and wooden floor.

This bedroom has simple and minimalist concept, it suits for bedroom in apartment. There are also trundle bed with double beds, mattress, bench, side lamp and nice closet.

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