Representing Modern Touch In The Bedroom With Awesome Floating Bed Frame

Floating bed frame is the latest comer for the design in sleeping bed. This is wonderful and this will let you like a sleep on the sky. The basic concept of this frame makes the under bed is an empty. Then, it looks like float. The way to make it come true, at least there are two ways. One uses the strings and the second interconnected the logged with the wall. As the standard material, at least, there are three kinds of the bed frame of the floating material. First is the wood, second is the metal, and the second is the stainless steel. There are so many models of floating bed frame that you can choose, most of it has modern style and smooth lines. Let’s check these pictures below to know more about floating bed frame.

This floating bed frame has white colour on it, the design is quiet unique. It gives more appealing look for bedroom. there are also a mattress, night stand with a lamp on it, standing lamp, drawers, a king bed and bench.

This kind of floating bed frame is really suitable for married couple, because there are double back rest on it. There are also a mattress, night stand, glamour hanging lamps, a comfy bed and curtains.

Darker colour can give more elegant look inside the bedroom, the bed itself is also suitable with the bedding. there are also a mattress, a bench, night stands and decorative wall.

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