Cool Small Bathroom Design with Simple Furniture and Homely Atmosphere

Everyone likes their bathroom become a place where they can enjoy washing time after the tiring day. Some people prefer to make it with simple style without adding too much furniture. For those people who like to design their small bathroom with cool style but yet homey, you should continue reading this article. This article will give you some great ideas by designing cool small bathroom with simple furniture and homely atmosphere.

cool small bathroom design with black tub and two wide mirrors for remodel ideas

It is appropriate for those who live in apartment. Since most of apartment don’t have that much space. It will be better if you can decrease adding too much stuff there like the picture above. There are two wide mirrors which can be appropriate with the color of the wall. On the other side, there is a plenty of black tub. Then, futuristic white above counter sink and wooden vanity that can perfectly build up cool atmosphere, but yet comfortable.

cool small bathroom design with simple bathroom rug and wooden long chair

As simple as it looks, this small bathroom doesn’t have too much stuff and furniture. Despite of the lack of the stuff and furniture. This one gives homey atmosphere. White bathtub shower combo  gives the efficiency of the space and make it more roomy. The color of the wall is the combination of grey and white and little bit green from the cabinet and the counter top. In front of a wooden chair, there are white above counter sink and a bathroom rug.

cool small bathroom design with oval mirror and various shades of blue marble tile

This bathroom plays with various shades of blue, like baby blue, dark blue, etc. When you are inside this bathroom, you can imagine winter. Because this bathroom gives that perfect winter nuance with the combination of blue and white. There are function hand shower head, white compact toilet, bathroom floating shelf and many stuff inside the shower stall. Outside the shower stall, there are frameless oval beveled vanity mirror where you can often look in and nice white sink.

cool small bathroom design with white compact toilet and chic shower enclosure

There are still many nice pictures about cool small bathroom ideas. You’d better check our gallery and give comment.