New bathroom remodel inspiration for simple and unique bathroom style

Bathroom is one of the important parts in the house. So, remodeling the bathroom is recommended to make different nuance or make it more comfortable and yet interesting. If you’re confused to find some inspirations, here we are with great inspiration to remodel your bathroom.

elegant powder room with gold-framed mirror and white cabinet

Sometime, remodeling a bathroom is just simple. Look at the picture above, the homeowner just put unique wallpaper on the wall and add two lights left side and right side. It is suitable with white undermount bathroom sink. Above the sink, there are a mirror which is framed by gold and gold brushed copper faucets.  It has made obvious difference, from simple character to the elegant and glamorous without putting too many stuffs there.

nature bathroom remodel inspiration with two white sinks and steady small garden

It is ideal for those who like back to nature idea. Many plants and small gravels outdoor can definitely make refreshing and restful atmosphere. There is a white tub facing to the plant outside. On the other side, there are two white sinks that suitable with the color of tile vanity.

classic bathroom remodel inspiration with white cabinet and white tub

For you who like unique style and vintage to remodel your bathroom. You can choose this style. This style is good for people who want to save money by buying some furniture like vintage grey cabinet, to put some towels. There are also wooden ladder to hang the towel and simple white tub. To put other stuffs, there is a plenty of shelf that is decorated with cute lighting star.

great bathroom remodel inspiration with big white tub and amazing decoration on the wall

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