Modern Small Bathroom Design with Awesome Floating Vanity

If you want to design your small bathroom to be modern style, you have to choose the right furniture to put in your bathroom. Because furniture, especially for vanity, has important rule to make your bathroom more contemporary and yet comfortable. You will need bathroom vanity that fits with the rest of modern small bathroom. Get your inspiration here, because we have some great vanities for your modern small bathroom.

If you don’t have enough space to place your bathroom vanity, what you should do is trying to use corner space. Actually, if you place your bathroom vanity on the corner, you can make clean and smooth lines without too much stuff there. This bathroom has a plenty of corner space, on the corner there are white corner sink, corner floating vanity, towel bar, frameless mirror and wooden chair.

Actually, if you don’t have your own storage or shelves to store your bathroom stuff, you can place floating vanity that has many shelves in your bathroom. This bathroom looks more roomy by putting bathroom stuffs inside wooden vanity. There are also white counter top, two white overmount sinks, framed mirrors and two faucets.

The glass floating vanity with straight edges gives the whole room airy feeling and yet modern. Above counter sink also gives more stylish look. If you want to design your small bathroom with more contemporary look, this is probably great idea for you. There are also framed mirror, wall-mounted lamps, minimalist floating vanity, above counter sink and lovely chair.

Keep scrolling down! Because there are still many pictures about modern floating vanity that can inspire you to design modern small bathroom.