Mobile home with modern and contemporary interior designs

What do you think if we have a mobile home? Like in the cartoon film “Up” which is made by Pixar that tells about the story of parents and children who venture around the United South in a house that was flown by balloon. It may be the same as in the movie up, when we can live anywhere in accordance with our wishes. However, the difference, the mobile home offers a home that can move around with wheels. So, it is like a mansion on wheels. There are some names for mobile home such as motor homes, recreational vehicles, travel trailers, touring caravans, pop-up trailers, and truck campers.

Mobile homes are now widely used in several countries, including North America, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. It is actually arisen because of the desire not to rely on the hotel while traveling, but then it developed into a residential that offers facilities like home. It has a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room. We can do all activities like in home wherever we are. Well, it is really living on wheels.


16 thoughts on “Mobile home with modern and contemporary interior designs

  1. these mobile homes are nicer than most peoples regular houses. makes me jealous! this definitely aint your mom and pops RV.