Maximizing More Space In The Kids Bedroom with Awesome Triple Bunk Bed

A triple bunk bed is an arrangement involving a total of three bunks. These bunks are a combination of bed types, where a loft bed is perpendicularly attached to a bunk bed to form an L-shape. Don’t worry about the safety, because the top bunk of a bunk bed may be lined with safety rails to keep the user from rolling out and falling to the floor while sleeping. Beds that do not include rails may be retrofitted to include them. What makes a triple bunk bed different from usual bunk bed is the number of beds. It could also be useful to maximize more space inside the bedroom, if you don’t have that much space to put anything inside your bedroom. You can put this kind of bunk bed inside your kids bedroom, so they can share the bedroom together. Let’s see some of triple bunk beds in our gallery below!

It can be your reference for your kids bedroom, if you want them to share one room together. You can also make it by yourself, it’s not really difficult. There are also a mattress, curtain, stairs, and three small beds with pillows.

It can be useful to maximize the bedroom by placing the beds in the same area. There are also two rugs, chairs, built-in drawers and closet, triple beds with standard size and shelves.

You can also make it into vertical like this, so it will be higher than usual bunk bed. it will make your bedroom to be more spacious and it also gives interesting look. There are also two benches, three beds with standard size and stairs to go up.

You can check other pictures below in our gallery!