Insulating Your Garage Door with Various Types of Garage Door Panels

Insulation garage door panel is needed to maximize the function of your garage door. You can do it yourself or ask for help by professional. Insulating your garage door can reduce noise and make you open the door more practical. If you decide to insulate your garage door, you can pick type of insulation. There are some types of insulations, you can pick reflective foil insulation using heavy duty polyethylene. It consists of two layers of heavy duty polyethylene foam sandwiched between two sheets of aluminium foil. There are also other options like molded polystyrene or installing with tape measure. These are some of garage doors that are suitable to be insulated, it will give you inspiration to start insulating your garage door.

This garage door has country style with soft blue color and in-stock type of garage door. This kind of type is the easiest insulated, because this is easier to measure. In each garage door, there are simulated windows to give air circulation and lighting.

Beside in-stock garage door, you can also make this type to be insulated. This kind of garage door has modern style because it is dominated with glass material. This glass panel is matching with natural stone wall and mounted lamp.

You can also make this type of garage door to be insulated, but it is a bit challenging. Because it has different texture and design like in-stock garage door. This garage door has white color, simulated windows, and handle sets.

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