Inserting Top Section of Garage Door with Decorative Designs

There is always window and door in the space of your house. This time we will spot on window and door in the garage. Garage is such a crucial space to keep your things safe. Beside the door that can also give the better look for your house, window can also be functional to beautify your house, especially the garage space. Well, actually there are many kinds of window or top section of garage door such as plain, Stockton, prairie, cathedral, Charleston, Sherwood, madison, etc. you can choose what kind of design that you like the most, but don’t forget to match it with the color of the door and of course the size of the door. there are also decorative designs of top section in classic style like roselle, Carlisle, Kristin, ashford, etc. you can check them in our gallery below.

This kind of door and window style is often found in the house that has country style on it. Most of the country style always fits with white color, but you can also choose another color. This window is Sherwood design with short panel.

If you want to try into glamorous style, you can install this kind of window into the top section of the door. it is classic design with decorative ornaments on it.

This is the most commonly used by people, because this kind of window is suitable for every type of garage door. this Stockton style fits with short panel because the size is smaller than another design.

If you want to look more images, you can check them in our gallery.