Incredible Z Wave Garage Door Opener and Controller for Garage Security System

Z-wave is a new innovation in wireless thing, you can install it everywhere in your house. It can integrate all of your house devices from remote control. This is really important to add more security and safety inside your garage.  You can control your garage remotely from a PC, internet, even through your mobile phone. It is simple because it is easily added in just minutes. It is also affordable and intelligent because you can handle the device by yourself like turn the downstairs lights off from upstairs or you can make your garage light turn on when you come home. Actually z-wave makes your garage safer, more secure, more comfortable and enjoyable. If you want to know more about z-wave innovation, especially for garage, these pictures will help you.

This is the package of z-wave garage door opener and controller from Iris. You can definitely find this brand in Lowes. It can open, close and monitor your garage door from anywhere, it can also be connected to all garage door openers. There are also remote, power adaptor, door tilt sensor, mounting bracket, etc.

It is ideal for those who want to control up to three garage doors. it will open or close automaticalley with touchscreen. It has an alarm to provide an audible warning if there is a danger.

This z-wave garage door opener from Linear is compatible for all garage door openers. It is just easy to install and plug the unit into the gateway. The specifications are good power, garage door position sensor frequency : 345 MHz, security compatible, etc.

There are still many great z-wave openers and controllers for garage door in our gallery. Don’t forget to check them!