Impressive Shower Design Small Bathroom with Shower Seat

Beside the purpose of taking a bath, bathroom becomes a place where you can relax from your daily activity. When designing a bathroom, especially for small space, it will be better if you can choose the right design that is suitable for your space. On the other hand, you should be able to choose furniture that is easy to clean and allow youself enjoying your washing time. Some people prefer adding a seat in their shower areas, the reason is to enjoy your relax time more. We have great ideas by designing shower with seat for small bathroom.

Perhaps, buying one set shower stall will be perfect idea for those who don’t want to spend much time to design, measure, and cut shower area. The owner of this shower stall doesn’t put too much thing there, there are just comfortable shower seat, two layer corner shower shelf, hand held shower and the machine, then two simple grab bars.

Some people prefer build up their small bathroom as simple as possible. The picture above shows that simple shower enclosure can give nice atmosphere while enjoying shower time. Perfect lighting comes from the door, and then there is a adorable bench outside the shower enclosure. Inside the shower enclosure, there are two shower heads, two handle trims and wall mounted shower seat that are suitable with subway stone tile.

The more you spend much time in the bathroom, the more you can resolve your problem. Well, some people agree with this statement. Because they want to relax from daily activity, and they prefer enjoy relaxing time in the bathroom. The first thing came to my mind as I looked at the picture above is refreshing bathroom. Nice lighting comes from wide window and it is suitable with wall mounted shower seat. There are also wall mounted shower column, hand held shower,and wooden shower seat.

Keep scrolling down this page, because there are still many great ideas for you who want to design shower stall with seat for small bathroom.