How To Operate Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener Through Remote Control

There are so many brands of garage door opener that have their own eminences and characteristics. One thing is most of garage door openers have same function to open or close your garage door in easier way. Today I will tell you about this famous garage door opener brand, Wayne Dalton. It is a mechanical opener that make your life easier and more practical. This garage door opener has three-button remote to control the garage door. Each of remote has code to operate the garage door, it needs to be recorded by the garage door opener power unit. The eminence of Wayne Dalton is that three-button remote can be programmed to operate three different garage doors.  So, these are the steps to program the remote control by Wayne Dalton.

It is easy to program the remote of Wayne Dalton to be operated well with your garage door, first you should press and hold the biggest button until the light turns on. Then, if the power unit is ready you can start to record the remote control code.

After that, push the program button on the garage door opener attached on the ceiling. The light will turn on and you will hear beep before you start recording. Then, select the button to open or close your garage door.


After you have finished recording, the light will turn off on the power unit. You can test the remote into the garage door before you use it in daily life.

So, it is quiet easy right? These pictures below are some of devices to help programming the garage door automatically by Wayne Dalton.