How to Make A Murphy Bed Inside Your Bedroom for Freeing More Space

A Murphy Bed, also known as a wall bed, fold-down bed  or pull down bed is a type of bed that is mainly used to make more space inside a house. It could be easily built from scratch using proper Murphy bed hardware available in the market. The Murphy bed mechanism involves a wooden platform or wire mesh that is hinged to the adjoining wall either vertically or horizontally. There are standard legs to match with the bed frame. The vertical and horizontal style is really suitable for contemporary bedroom. this kind of bed is very popular in small house, apartment or dormitories. If you want to make or build a murphy bed by yourself, you can buy the bed kits in every store like Ikea, Lori, etc. These pictures below show you more about how the look of murphy bed.

Most of murphy beds have look like this, it has bed frame, legs with simple design on it, then there is always wooden shelves and cabinets with the hole on the center to match with the size of the bed.

If you want to build your own murphy bed, you can definitely try to Ikea product of murphy bed kits. It is easy to make it, because they have high quality of hardware kits that could be used to create murphy bed easily.

You can also use Lori hardware kits to build your own murphy bed. Lori are known because of its good durability and long life. There are many murphy beds that come in various shapes and sizes. You can also build it by placing an order with specifications.

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