Highest Quality of Side Mount Garage Door Opener From Liftmaster

Nowadays, many people have used garage door opener to make opening or closing the door easier. There are two kinds of garage door openers, side mounted and centre. These two types has their own characteristics, but today I am going to tell you about the side mounted one. It is actually easier to install and it doesn’t make garage looks too crowded. If you have to choose what brand that actually fine and good in service, Liftmaster can be recommendation. It is one of the highest quality of garage door operator available. There are some features of side mount garage door opener like remote light, opener light, adaptive force setting, etc. This opener also gives you safety and security with power lock and protector system. Let’s take a look on these inspiring pictures below about liftmaster side mount garage door opener.


This is perhaps the most commonly used by everyone, because the simple setting but still good protector system. It is dominated with black color with a little bit red color. There are also remote light that can be mounted anywhere in the garage and push button setting.


If you want to add more openers like this, you can mount it on extension side by side. There are also two cable tension monitors that can help you to eliminate cable throw and buttons to set.


These two liftmaster side mount garage door openers have remote lights, push button setting, and adaptive force setting that can automatically adjust force to the perfect setting. You can mount this side mount garage door opener to the front wall of the garage.

above side mount garage door opener with cable tension and extension kit

To know more about liftmaster side mount garage door opener, you can check our gallery below.


nice side mount garage door opener with light buttons and push buttons