Great Wall Mount Garage Door Opener to Control Your Garage

If you want to change your garage door opener into the new one. Probably, this is ideal for you, because it is easier to install and use it. It is not installed on the ceiling, but it is usually installed on the wall. The size is also different, it is smaller than the opener that we always know. The function is not really different, because it is also used to open and close the door easier with wireless device or remote control. It is called wall mount garage door opener, because it is mounted on the wall next to the door. if you want to know more about this kind of garage door opener, you can take a look in our gallery below.

This is 8500 elite series from Liftmaster. The package includes remote control, remote light to set the capability of lighting, power door lock and protector system. It can also let you to make your own security code from the powerhead. The lighting has 200 watts with adjustable light time delay.

This wall mount garage door opener has smart control panel with timer-to-close and get automatically light on when you walk in your garage, 3-button remote control, power door lock, cable tension monitor, remote light to brighten up. There is also a protector system that is invisible to reverse the door if anything happens.

Like the other openers above, this one has similar specification and features. It has remote control to open and close the door, remote light, protector system, power door lock to control the security of the door.

There are more images in our gallery, you can check them below.