Great Solution for Tiny Bathroom Design with Appealing Built-in Bathroom Storage

Most of tiny bathrooms need some storages to store the bathroom stuff, becasue it can make the bathroom more spacious. But, sometime people are confused to choose the right storage for their tiny bathroom type. There are so many storage types for small bathroom, people have to fit what storage they install with the bathroom design. One of the creative storages is buillt-in bathroom drawers, this kind of storage can provide more space because it is installed between wall studs. This kind of storage is suitable for long narrow bathroom. If you are considering to install built-in bathroom drawers inside your tiny bathroom, we have some images that will inspire you.

inspirative tiny bathroom design with great built-in storage and tub shower combo

This bathroom has minimalist style, it seems from the choosing of the fixtures. This kind of bathroom is suitable for those who live in apartment, because it doesn’t need too much space to put some stuff there. There is innovative built-in storage that is surrounded in the wall, actually this kind of storage is also suitable for bathroom apartment design. There are also tub shower combo, hand held shower, frameless mirror, white overmount sink and white vanity.

comfy tiny bathroom design with oval mirror and creative built-in storage

It is kind of creative idea to store your bathroom stuff, and make it well-organized. If you want to make an appealing built-in storage, you can take this one. The built-in storage is mounted in vanity area. There are also an oval mirror installed on it, white vanity, mounted lamps, drop-in sink, towel bars, make up mirror, subway tiles also makes the bathroom looks lovely.

creative tiny bathroom design with built-in drawers between wall studs and white bathtub

If you want to try this one, make sure you have measured well and carefully. The built-in storage is really appropriate with the wainscoting. It gives vintage atmosphere inside the bathroom. There are also white bathtub liners, bathtub trays and white lovely curtain.

adorable tiny bathroom design with wooden vanity and hidden built-in storage

Don’t forget to keep checking our gallery, because there are still many inspiring pictures there.

amazing tiny bathroom design with large built-in storage and white toilet awesome tiny bathroom design with nice built-in storage and shower head

lovely tiny bathroom design with white built-in storage and white vanity stylish tiny bathroom design with white pedestal sink and built-in storagecheerful tiny bathroom design with double built-in storages and double pedestal sinks modern tiny bathroom design with nice built-in storage and white sink nice tiny bathroom design with lovely built-in storage and white curtain simple tiny bathroom design with mosaic tiles and closed built-in storage stunning tiny bathroom design with towel bar and built-in storages vintage tiny bathroom design with nice towel bar and adorable built-in storage