Giving The Feeling of Space Inside Your Bedroom with Costco Bunk Beds

Perhaps space is needed inside the bedroom, especially for small bedroom, there are many ways to keep your bedroom larger. one of fixtures that can save the space of your bedroom is bunk bed, this kind of bed is suitable for your children or you who want to save the space. There are two types of this bed, two beds and one bed with desk on the bottom section. You can choose whatever you want. If you want to take a look at bunk bed, you can go to this website this website has many types of bunk beds. To know more about each product, you can just click at the product then scroll down, there are product details, specification, shipping & terms, returns/warranty, and reviews. It will help you to decide what kind of bunk bed that suits your children’s room or your own room. These pictures below will give some explanation about the bunk beds of Costco.

This kind of bunk bed looks decorative by its design. The material comes from nicest wood, it also suits with the wooden floor. There is bed on the top, ladder, desk for study on the bottom section, mattress, and the incredible drawers.

It is smart and space efficient addition for the bedroom. Hardwood birch construction that gives strength and durability, mortise and tenon joinery is built to serve inside this bedroom. There are twin full bunk bed, dust covers, white drawers, ladder, side lamp with side drawer and mattress.

The bunk bed itself made of eco-friendly solid Havea for strength and durability. It is ideal for children’s bedroom with its comfort and safety. There are also mattress, ladder to go on the top, framed mirrors, drawers and comfy wooden floor.

There are still many pictures that you can take a look in our gallery below.