Fabulous Spa-like Bathroom with Stunning Jacuzzi Design

Bathroom is one of favorite places in the house that you want to visit after busy working activities. If you need to be massaged, you can create your own spa-like bathroom by choosing whirpool or jacuzzi tub. There will be water that circulates to massage you, and make your bathtubing more refreshing. Putting  some candles and make your lighting dimmer are great ideas to create relaxing atmosphere. If you look for great pictures to inspire you creating spa-like bathroom, we have those pictures below.

refreshing bathroom jacuzzi design with back rest in the tub and bathtub filler

It is ideal for those who love placing whirpool tub to the scenery out there. Actually, it gives more relaxing time while enjoying some fruits. This simple whirpool tub is perfectly matching with wooden tile on the floor. There is back rest in the tub that can make you more relaxing. The whirpool tub is also decorated with wooden frame and some handle buttons.

simple bathroom jacuzzi design with nice shower stall and wooden tile

If you don’t have too much space to place the whirpool tub, you can place it surrounded in the floor. On the other hand, you can also share the space with the corner shower stall. Look at the picture above, the whirpool tub and corner shower stall don’t make small space look too narrow. Inside the whirpool tub, there are two bathtub fillers, grab bars, and some handle buttons. It is appropriate with the wooden tile.

amazing bathroom jacuzzi design with natural stone whirpool tub and gloosy tile

If you want to make your spa-like bathroom more elegant. Choose this one, it has great whirpool design that is decorated with natural stone and grey stairs. The color of the floor looks glossy and it gives glamorous and yet elegant atmosphere.  On the other side, there are also TV, some chairs and table.

great bathroom jacuzzi design with jacuzzi tub and simple shower head

Keep checking our gallery! Because there are still some stunning pictures about jacuzzi design that can be your inspiration to create spa-like bathroom.