Fabulous and Suitable Small Bathtub Designs for Safety of Family Bathroom

If you have many family members in your house, perhaps you will think to create a plenty of bathroom that suits a number of your family members or you will need some fixtures that can suit each other inside your bathroom. You can try to design family bathroom and pick the right fixtures to suit your beloved one such as your baby, your sister/brother, your mother,  your father, your grandpa or your grandma. Well, in this article, we’re gonna talk about the bathtub, one thing that every bathroom has. You have to choose appropriate bathtub not only for you but also for other family members. Before you start to buy, you can discuss with them and find out what kind of bathtub that will be suitable. Some people prefer to place small bathtub, because it is safe for baby and it doesn’t matter to be used by adult. These are some fabulous small bathtub pictures below.

amazing small bathtub design with white tub and white pedestal sink

If you live with your grandpa or grandma, you have to think the safety when they are bathing. This small bathtub is suitable for elderly people, because it guarantees the safety. There is also a bathtub door on the edge to make it more comfortable. There are also white pedestal sink, wooden tiles, and mounted lamp.

tropical small bathtub design with deep bathtub and pebble mat

This is probably great for those who prefer adding natural concept inside the bathroom. There are a deep bathtub that is matching with the pebble mat beneath, porcelain tiles, nice windows and waste bin.

lovely small bathtub design with oval bathtub and bathtub filler

If you don’t have remained space, you can take corner space to put the bathtub. You can place small bathtub surrounded the floor. Actually, this kind of small bathtub is suitable for your baby. because it is shorter and easier to clean. There is also bathtub filler with double handle trims.

adorable small bathtub design with towel bars and deep soaking tub

Keep scrolling down! because there are still many great and inspirative small bathtub designs in our gallery.

awesome small bathtub design with round bathtub and white curtain comfy small bathtub design with whirpool tub and wooden tiles fabulous small bathtub design with hand held shower and oval bathtub innovative small bathtub design with walk-in bathtub and bathroom rug lovely small bathtub design with bathroom bench and nice bathtub nice small bathtub design with deep bathtub and victorian style faucet modern small bathtub design with white bathtub and unique faucet minimalist small bathtub design with white freestanding tub and white floating shelves marvelous small bathtub design with tub shower combo and hand held shower