Educative indoor playground room with colorful lego

Children are active and love to play. This is the principal aspect in conditioning the children’s learn ability. We can use game to attract their attention in learning. For example, children can learn color through the wall color or lego in their room.

Well, the point is children will learn through the environment. Now, this is our responsibility to provide them the supportive and positive environment. In this case, we will show you the  lego room decoration which can be used as the indoor playground room in your children bedroom, home, hospital, or even in pre-school or playgroup room.

Lego room concept for educative indoor playground room

The color in the lego is bright and sharp. It will automatically root in children mind about the color, if we play with mentioning the name of the lego color. It can be the easier way to children to remember the color.

Children also can learn shape through this lego. The large shapes-rectangle, round, circle, square, triangle- of lego is made from the safety material. It is soft and not dangerous.


This lego room has many shelfs to save the lego. The transparent racks look more useful to see what kind of lego inside.


This attractive and colorful lego concept in children bedroom design can be tried as the way of lego placement in a useful context in head bed.


This lego arrangement in educative indoor playground school also can be used in playgroup room which is suitable to children.


This lego rack is the attractive arrangement to place the work of lego. After finishing the arrangement of lego, you can display it in the lego rack.

You have already known about the advantage of using colorful lego for your indoor playground, so that you can make this educative playground room with colourful lego.


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