Easiest Garage Door Panel Replacement Steps to Give The New Look for The Door Panel

Garage door can be old trough years, if you don’t take care of it. Garage door needs to be treated well as other things in your house. because it has important  function to keep your vehicle safe. One of garage door’s devices that you should pay attention at is door panel. Well, actually door panel has something crucial to give the visual of your garage more interesting. Door panel can get bad look or it can just get damaged after a long time. To fix it, you need to replace it with the right materials and manufacturers. Don’t forget to order the panel properly, you should take a look on the various models and pick what color, type and size you want. After that, you can start to replace the old panel, you can call professional to help you or you can do by yourself. These are the steps to replace the door panel.


First of all, you have to raise the door and disconnect the power to the automatic garage door opener. Then, you can carefully lower the door to make removing the bottom panel easier. Don’t forget to prepare ladder in order to reach the door.


You can start to unplug the door spring with the help of professional or by yourself, and you will need a screwdriver and just remove the bolts. After the panel gets removing, lift the panels up to get them off the track.


After that, you can install the new panels easily, you should lock them into place and screw them on. Then, put the springs back and don’t forget to check and operate the opener to see the door works well. You can repaint it into the new one and get the new look of your garage door panel.


There are some pictures below in our gallery that you can take a look.