Designing Minimalist Small Bathroom with Clean Lines and Futuristic Fixture

Designing a small bathroom is a bit challenging. Why? Because many people look for some solutions to make it bigger in space. Beside, installing some storages such as recessed storage, vanity, linen cabinet, or cabinet itself, creating clean lines will be great idea for creating bigger space. Clean lines can be applied inside small bathroom by placing some minimalist fixtures or even changing the wall painting. But, some people choose to install clean and glossy tiles. There is also another idea to make your bathroom more welcoming. What’s that? It is choosing the right fixture that has futuristic design. Actually it can make difference in the entire look of your small bathroom. Just scrolling down and you will find some great ideas below.

This incredible bathroom is dominated with cream color. It can brighten up the bathroom and make it more natural. There are oval mirror over the wash basin, smooth counter top that made of wood, white bathroom rug, white bathtub, white compact toilet and nice towel bar.

The futuristic floating vanity inside this bathroom gives more contemporary nuance. The floating vanity has open storage and three racks. There are also frameless mirror, white clawfoot tub with bathtub frame, overmount sink and wide window.

If you want to make your small bathroom more interesting, you can install mosaic tiles. This kind of tile is better for minimalist small bathroom by combining it with porcelain tiles, because it is easier to clean. There are also white overmount sink, bathtub liners, floating shelves, corner shower stall with glass shower door, waste bin and towel ring.

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