Decorating Very Small Bathrooms with All In One Concept in Minimalist Designs

Some people spend so much money to remodel their bathroom to be larger, while actually small bathroom is not that bad. Small bathroom can easily be cleaned everytime without spending too much time. On the other side, small bathroom is suitable for every theme of bathroom such as vintage, minimalist,etc. Well actually, small bathroom can also suit with all in one concept. What it means by all in one concept is powder room, bathtub area, shower area can be united into one. This kind of idea gives more space for another room in the house. If you are considering to look for all in one concept in small bathroom, you can take a look these pictures below.

This bathroom brings shower area and powder room into one. But, it doesn’t look too crowded at all. The fixtures can conform with the mosaic tiles. There are also corner shower stall, nice pattern vanity, white toilet, frameless mirror, and white overmount sink.

This bathroom is even smaller than before, it has appropriate placing by taking advantage of corner space. There are corner shower stall with rain shower head, hand held shower, corner shower tray, corner toilet, corner sink, waste bin and towel bar.

This bathroom brings laundry room into one with powder room and bathtub area. The lighting of the bathroom is good enough because it is not dim and not too bright. There is a bathtub that combines with shower area. On the other side, there are also hanging lamp, white compact toilet, washing machine and light green wooden tiles.

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