Cute Bedroom Design for Kid with Cartoon Characters Theme

Designing bedroom model for children needs something special. Most children live in their imagination. I mean, they often imagine a lot of things in their minds like cartoons, monsters, superman, batman or another cartoon character they like. We sometimes laugh looking at their behavior when they are in the world of child imagination. It is always fun to look at them when they are talking to the doll, fighting with their robot, etc. They treat the child accessories like the objects are really alive. Bringing kid’s favorite things in kids bedroom is a good idea. Let’s see some images of cute and cool kid bedroom design ideas.

Some kids’ bedroom designs are really cute with their favorite cartoon characters like Hello Kitty, Samurai Jack, Alice in Wonderland, Felix, Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story, Garfield, Astro boy, The Little Mermaid, Cars, etc. We can make it with decorating the wall with painting of the cartoon film or attach the cartoon wall sticker. Cartoon bedding is also wonderful idea to be used. Another great inspirations for making a cute kid bedroom with cartoon theme are using the cartoon character for the child bedroom furnishings and kid bedroom accessories. If you can search for the cartoon furniture for them, I am sure that they will be really pleased.

Don’t you thing that minimalist concept can’t be implemented in toddler bedroom. The minimalist model on the picture uses a blend of yellow and orange. The combination of bright colors is giving cheerful impression . You can also add the mattress which made of soft material and of course, safety. In minimalist style for kid, you can still add the kids touch on the bedding. Use Tom and Jerry bed covers or another cartoon characters they love. Design a bedroom with locker under the bed to store toys. In addition, for girl kid bedroom, cute dolls placed near bed will make children happy and it will beautify the room.

Those are the design ideas about bedroom decoration for kid. You can get inspiration from the gallery below.