Cool Pool Design for Modern Home Inspiration

Availability of land to place the pool is an important thing to be considered. You can design a family pool which is adjacent to a family room. For those of you who want to make a swimming pool in your home, you should look at this minimalist pool because it seems natural and elegant. Although the pool model is minimalist but still impress luxurious swimming pool.

The pool design gallery image above is a minimalist indoor pool design. The focus decoration on this pool design is on the side wall. The wall uses parallel lines highlighted with a light shot from the the bottom. It makes the calm nuance. It looks very interesting to decorate the edge of the pool with a sundeck made of wood. In this section, the decor is the same as the striped walls. The striped design adds the impression of minimalist concept. In addition to make a beautiful and fresh touch on this pool, the flower or grass can be planted on the edge of the sundeck area.In my opinion, if you build this kind of pool design, you will feel comfortable when you are swimming.

Pictured above is a kind of minimalist pool. This design has a square shape. This pool has features on the edge of the pool. The design uses wood. Wood is arranged symmetrically and it creates beautiful patterns. Wood does not create a slippery floor. In addition, there is a section planted with grass. Grass will provide a beautiful color combination. To enjoy atmosphere at the pool, there are two seats. The chair can be used for sitting, looking at the pool.

The design is about the design of a swimming pool. The swimming pool can make your home more enjoyable. You can see some of the pool design in the image below.