Celebrating Halloween Night with Delicious and Unique Halloween Food Costume Ideas for Babies

Baby is always cute and lovely. You can definitely make your baby more lovely with marvelous Halloween costume. It is not only about movie character or animal but also you can give them food costume. When Halloween comes, everyone always thinks properly to make themselves as unique as possible by wearing Halloween costume. So, if you are confused to choose what kind of costume that will be cute for your baby, you can try food costume. Food costume has many several unique designs like pizza, ice cream, sushi, peanut, etc. This costume is also funnier and more unique than other costumes. But, don’t forget to make sure your baby feels comfortable to wear it. Well, we have many pictures about food costumes for your baby.

If you have a baby in age 0-3 month, this costume is probably ideal for your baby. Because it has been designed for infant and it is also cute and unique.

This yummy costume has sushi design. After you see this kind of costume with the cute baby, you will be like “woah I want to eat you up!” because this costume is designed like the real sushi with fake meat, fresh celeries and fake seaweed.

This french fries costume is rare used, because it is harder to find it in the store. Well, if you can’t find it in the store (even online store), you can try to make it by yourself (DIY). You can pick what kind of fabric that is comfortable for your baby and make it into unique costume.

Well, there are still many pictures in our gallery. Don’t forget to check them out!