Brilliant Renovation Ideas for Small Bathroom by Decorating Storage

Renovating a bathroom doesn’t have to change the entire of bathroom. But, it can be done by adding some storages to put bathroom stuffs. The more you can make some creative storages, the more your bathroom looks interesting. What’s more, some people prefer adding storage because it doesn’t need to spend a lot of floor space, especially for small bathroom. We have some ideas to decorate some storages for small bathroom.

Cabinet is very useful for most of bathroom, because it can organize your bathroom stuff neatly. For maximizing the use of the cabinet, you are able to add hidden storage inside your cabinet. You have to measure it carefully before, in order not to make it messy. In this white cabinet, there are some bathroom stuffs like shampoo, soap, facial foam, towels, etc.

The best thing to do when you are renovating your bathroom by adding some storages is trying to diy something. Because it doesn’t need to spend too much money and it is also easy to spot. The picture above is one of the example, there are some baskets which is put over the wooden counter top, and cute bins. Beside that, there are a  glossy bowl sink, faucet with single handle, and wooden vanity.

It is ideal for those who like reading in the bathroom, there is simple white magazine rack. This is great because it doesn’t need too much space, the magazine rack has mounted on the wall. Beside that, there are white toilet and some papers. Perhaps, you will love this storage idea, because you can enjoy reading magazine while you are in your bathroom activity.

Keep scrolling down! There are still many great storage ideas that can inspire you for renovation your small bathroom.