Best Modern Bathroom Design Ideas 2011 for Wide Spaces with Amazing Pattern

I have a wide bathroom at home but I got confused when my father wish me to redecorate our wide bathroom. My father just talked to me that he want the luxury and modern bathroom design. He told me to think about its bathroom design layout decoration.

I started with my wide bathroom plans with seamless plant pattern that I have ever watched on the 5 star hotel in Alabama. With the luxury pattern wall decoration, the designer puts some symmetrical pattern on the wall. This amazing bathroom design inspiration comes with the luxury interior like amazing crystal chandelier pendant lamp, luxury brass candle holder, brass table with round glass surface, and elegant bath up.

On another picture of wide bathroom design, you can see how the red flower with beautiful glass vase beautifies this bathroom.

The other designs for wide bathrooms, the best things that I love is the textured of the newest tiled wall bathroom decoration. It looks like the illustration plant pattern which embellish the interior design. The textured door decoration is really cool in white color. There is also brown beautiful engraved table with one feet height to place the fresh flower and our things.

Glorious! This is the way I can say about the red modern wide bathroom design. I love red and I love this red white textured bathroom model. With the red beautiful pattern decoration for the wall design, this wide room looks focusing many decorations to the red vanities. The vanities completes with the long white lamp, white modern sink, red hanging vanities and a bathroom necessities place. Beside the beautiful vanities, a glass wall divider with the pretty white flower pattern stalk makes a harmonious nuance.

There are some picture collection of amazing pattern on best modern bathroom design ideas 2011 on the gallery below. Check the gallery and look the amazing bathroom design!