Best Master Bathroom Designs with Comfortable Bathtub Placement

Every single thing in the bathroom should be placed on the right spot, because it can influence the comfort when you are taking a bath, especially for bathtub. Some people prefer bathtubing than showering, because it is more relaxing. If you look for some ideas to place your bathtub in the master bathroom, you are at the right place. Because we have great ideas to inspire you by placing bathtub in the distinctive spot.

best bathroom design with wooden tile and freestanding tub

Master bathroom gives extensive space to spot bathroom furniture everywhere. But still, it has to pay attention about the right spotting. The owner of this master bathroom chooses the center of the space to place white bathtub, and it gives elegant atmosphere. The wooden floor can also be appropiate with the bathtub and glass screen.

best bathroom design with wooden counter top and futuristic ceiling

This futuristic design of the ceiling is great for those who like bathtubing face to the window. The window gives natural lighting and nice air circulation. There are white freestanding bathtub, two towel bars, wooden counter top and white bowl sink.

best bathroom design  with wooden tile and two circle mirrors

If you want to make your master bathroom look stunning, this is probably the best idea for you. The owner places the bathtub surrounded in the floor, and it is also suitable with the wooden tile. The scenery outside also makes the bathroom more stunning.  On the other side, there are also two white sinks, and two circle mirrors.

best bathroom design with classic vanity and white freestanding tub

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