Being A Sophisticated Vampire in Halloween Party with Adorable Vampire Makeup and Contact Lense

The look in Halloween party becomes very important to pay attention at. Because you have to prepare it well in order to make you more confident and yet comfortable. There are many costumes that you can buy in the store. But, there is another thing you have to prepare it well. What’s that? The makeup to fit your costume. If your costume is great enough, but your makeup is not suitable. Then it is quiet disappointing. Well, you can pick your own style to fit the costume. Whether you want to make it scarier or just natural. For the example, vampire makeup, you can make it scarier by applying more makeup on your eyes. To make it more realistic like a real vampire, you can also apply contact lense. These are some pictures about vampire makeup with suitable contact lenses below.

You can try this makeup to make your look more realistic. You can apply more powder to make your skin looks pale, then apply black liquid eyeliner with fake eyelashes and dreamy contact lense. Don’t forget to apply red lipstick and fake blood from the corner of the mouth.

You can also pick trendy contact lense and suit it with your makeup. This contact lense has unique pattern, that is mosaic pattern and it gives dreamy but cold look. Then, you can put fake vampire teeth.

If you don’t want to apply too much makeup, you can also make it natural as you want. You can just apply black liquid eyeliner on your eyes, natural color of eyeshadow and brown contact lense. But still, you have to apply fake blood to make your vampire look scarier.

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