Beautifying Your Bedroom with Stunning Canopy Bed Drapes From Traditional To Modern Style

The canopy bed originally came into existence with a utilitarian and functional purpose rather than decorative. The canopy bed, known as the four poster bed, is used to beautify a bedroom that typically features posts at each of the four corners, extending four feet high or more above the mattress. The canopy bed is traditionally draped or swathed in fabric which creates a ‘ceiling’ over the bed. Most of people prefer canopy bed drape, because it gives better look and not too shabby. Beside that it also gives spacious look inside the bedroom. There are so many kinds of canopy bed drapes that you can choose from the simple one with smooth lines until the traditional with ornaments. These pictures below can be your reference to choose the right canopy bed drape for your bedroom.

This is the example of the simple one, it doesn’t have ornament on it but it has smooth lines. So, it is really suitable to put on the bedroom with contemporary theme. There are also a fireplace, a comfy bed with pillows, and curtains.

The canopy is full, so it is not framed like the others. It contributes to give glamour look inside the bedroom. there are also a mattress, framed mirror, drawers, curtains, bench, and a comfy bed.

This bedroom has Victorian theme on it, it can be seen by its furnitures and the canopy bed. The curtain also looks classy and elegant. There are also a mattress, benches, table, drawers, lamps, a comfy bed and pillows.

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