Beautiful Bathroom Designs with Victorian-Style Bathroom

The victorian style is the most classic style that commonly used for those who prefer traditional theme. The characteristics of victorian style are the use of floral wallpaper, detailed furniture carving, glamorous curtain, and of course vintage hanging lamp. Some people prefer designing their bathroom with victorian style, because maintaining the glamorous of the era. If you look for victorian ideas for your bathroom, we have great pictures that can inspire you.

One of the characteristic of the victorian style is glamorous hanging lamp. This hanging lamp can perfectly build up victorian atmosphere and suitable with every furniture around. There is elegant chaise lounge chair that makes the bathroom more victorian. On the other side, there are two wall-mounted sinks, two nice mirrors, compact toilet, and white freestanding tub.

If you like gloomy lighting, this is probably the best idea for your bathroom. The gloomy lighting makes the atmosphere warmer and calming. The lighting comes from flower hanging lamp and some candles, and it is suitable with white tub beneath there. There are also victorian center deck claw foot mixer faucet, and two towel bars.

This bathroom has more luxury style, because of the choice of marble tiles. When you’ve got boring with wooden tile or natural stone tile, you can try to experiment with the various patterns of tiles at one space. These marble tiles can be appropriate with the vintage hanging lamp. There are also corner tub, drop in sink, white victorian vanity and wide mirror.

Don’t get yourself confused, because we still have many amazing pictures about victorian style designs for bathroom.