Back to 18th Century with American Tradition Series from Haas Garage Doors

Beautifying your garage is not really difficult to do, because you can start creating from changing your old garage door into the new one. It is quiet simple, because these days there are many types and models that can be chosen. One of the garage door brands that will suit for every type of garage door is Haas. A variety of insulation types with several choices of panel treatment styles are also available in Haas. When we talk about the style of garage doors, there are so many styles and types that you can apply to suit your house. But, this style is never go out of style, they are old but yet classic. There are American tradition series garage doors that have the characteristics of 18th century house. Well, these pictures below will help you to know more about garage door in traditional series.

This garage has vintage style if we look in the design. It definitely will give you the nuance of 18th century with its beauty and versatility. The doors are double, it has 940 plain type of door and glazed 6 pane on top section.

Well, this is another country garage door that is dominated by natural stone on the wall. It combines traditional and natural theme. The doors have almond color with 920 plain type of door and glazed 6 pane on top section. There are also double handles to open or close the door and hinges.

This house has great and lovely design as the garage. Perhaps the garage looks smaller than any garage door, but it actually fits with the design and space. It has 920 plain type and sandstone color that is matching with the wall color.

If you want to see more great American tradition series of Haas, you can check our gallery!