Applying Natural Concept for Garage Door with Wood Material from Costco

Garage door always represents the characteristic of homeowner or the style that has been applied in the house. There are so many styles of garage doors that you can choose, from traditional to modern, from wood to steel. You can suit your garage door with the exterior of your house. There is one brand that has great garage doors, that’s Costco. We are going to focus on wood garage door from Costco. If you are looking for designs of garage door, you can choose designs from The Bob Timberlake, Biltmore, or Amarr. They all have high quality, heavy duty hardware for smooth and efficient operations. It is also available in standard single car or double car sizes. It will give you beautiful finish with painted or stained and provide a warmness. These pictures will help you to know more about garage door from Costco.

This is the type of Bob Timberlake door. It has the smoothness and reflects the rustic artistry. It is really suitable with natural stone wall that can make the house looks more natural and fresh. There are also double round handles to open or close the door and top section.

This is like the country type of the garage door, it has natural wood because it is not painted. It is quiet unique and cute with subway stone on the wall. It has hinges, double door knobs and square top sections.

This garage door gives vintage touch beside the luxury design of the house. Wood material that is applied on it has been painted well enough. There are also mounted lamps and nice top section with adorable design.

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