Appealing Modern Bathrooms for Small Spaces with Slopped Roof

If you have complicated bathroom design or slopped roof, installing shower enclosure can be tricky and carefully. You should pay attention in placement the other fixtures inside your small bathroom that has slopped roof. Because it will influence the entire look of your bathroom. the slopped roof can give perfect natural lighting and nice air circulation. If you are looking for some ideas about designing modern small bathroom with slopped roof, we have great pictures below that can be useful for you.

This bathroom has slopped roof next to the window, but actually it still looks great with the right placement of the furnitures. The window lets the natural light in, there is also a plenty of comfortable bench. There are also double white overmount sinks, a mirror that follows the shape of the slopped roof, shower enclosure, open vanity, great cabinet and white bathroom rug.

This shower enclosure is installed fitting slopped roof, but still gives modern look by its design. Inside the shower enclosure there are wall-mounted shower seat, shower head, hand held shower and suitable shower tray.

Actually, this small bathroom looks simple, but the way the owner places the fixtures is totally smart. Because it can suit the slopped roof, without make it too crowded. This bathroom has modern lines by its furnitures placement.  There are white freestanding tub, white toilet, wooden floor, towel hooks and loveable window.

There are still many pictures about modern small bathroom with the slopped roof below. You can check our gallery and don’t forget to give comment.