Amazing Planning for Bathroom Architectural with Great Wainscoting

This traditional half-wall paneling is called wainscoting. Wainscoting is a way to add the interest and texture in every room, including bathroom. the height of the wainscoting has to be measured carefully, because it will influence the look of the bathroom. Wainscoting can help bathroom look bigger and more appealing by its design. Beside that, it can also cover up the wall that perforated. If you look for some ideas to make your wainscoting for your bathroom, we have great pictures that can inspire you.

If you want to experiment different way, you can try the combination of these two colors. Actually, most of people aren’t brave enough to experiment two different light colors at one space. But this bathroom proves that two different light colors at one space can build up colorful atmosphere. This bathroom has nice coloring by its yellow wainscoting and purple paint color. There are also white pedestal sink, towel hooks, and circle mirror.

If you’ve got boring about beadboard wainscot material, you can choose this one. This one has creative wainscoting way, it chooses wooden board to be the material of wainscoting. This bathroom gets interesting and yet comfortable atmosphere by its wainscoting design. There are two white wall-mounted sinks that are perfectly matching with wooden wainscot and mirror above them. On the other side, there are also white freestanding tub, and wooden shelves.

This is probably ideal for those who prefer darker color to wainscoting. The dark brown beadboard wainscot can be appropriate with the color of the paint. Dimmer lighting also increases glamorous but yet elegant atmosphere. There are freestanding tub near window, white toilet, and white sink.

There are still some great pictures to inspire you by wainscoting in your bathroom. keep scrolling down!