Amazing Modern Office Design

Journey from home to the office takes a lot of time and energy. Especially in a big city, to go to the office takes a long time due to some problems of transportation. It can make a pressure to person. In fact, this condition can lead to stress. Stress levels in large cities are of particular concern. Therefore, the design and layout of the city is very important. The office also requires special arrangements to avoid stress on employees. Office design can be the perfect solution to enhance your office space. Design office space can use the theme of the company. If the company is engaged in the fields of advertising, design the room to use the concept of minimalist and modern. In addition, a company engaged in the field of technology, the office can use futuristic and modern design. Design a room depending on the concept and the desired theme.

Pictured above is a modern design. This design uses a booth for the room employees. Booth design has a height of about 150 cm. This design is made open to oversee the activities of the employees. The boss can also look at your employees work. In the chamber there is a glass window to look at the situation around. Booths are made with teak wood. So these cubicles are guaranteed robustness and strength. This booth designs using color gray. In addition, there are extra white lines to create the beautiful booths. The interesting thing in this design is the roof section. Roof is designed with a circular pattern. Lighting is also an important factor in the design office. Light bulbs will provide a beautiful shadow effects.

You can get some inspiration after seeing the picture. In addition, there are some pictures of modern office design. You can think of and consider the design office. You can enjoy some of the images below.