Adding Natural Touch in Contemporary with Wooden Wall and Floor for Small Bathroom Interior Design

Contemporary style of bathroom has been used by many minimalist houses because of its effectiveness and cleaness. Most of people prefer  adding  less furniture inside the contemporary bathroom, they like to put furnitures that have smooth lines. One of material that has always been used to contemporary furniture is wood. Actually, wood material is really matching with contemporary or modern look. Beside that, it can also bring natural nuance inside the bathroom. Most of contemporary bathroom use wood to be installed as wall bathroom or floor. Which one do you prefer to apply wood material? On the wall or on the floor? If you are still confused, you can check our gallery below.

The owner of this bathroom chooses to apply wood material on the wall. It can be appropriate with the window. There are also a vanity which made of wood as well, white bowl sink, frameless mirror, mounted lamps, white compact toilet, towel bar and shower stall.

This bathroom is separated into two kinds of floor, wooden floor and porcelain tiles. But, it is still matching each other. There is also wooden wall that has same design with the floor. There are white pedestal sink, white toilet, a vanity with mirror, white tub, hidden shelves, towel bar and dark green bathroom rug.

This bathroom looks smaller than others, but still have modern look through the interior design. The wooden floor distributes contemporary look for the bathroom. There are also shower stall, white compact toilet, hidden shelves on the wall, wooden counter top and unique sink.

Don’t forget to keep checking our gallery below! It still has inspiring images about wood material for your contemporary bathroom.